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Anique d'Uwu (b. 1995, Austria) investigates with performance, text, video and sound. Her attention is primarily focused on exploring existential and complex ideas, captivating a blend of realism and absurdism. Her approach showcases the ability to address examples of dilemmas in various contexts, while injecting a sense of lightness through humorous elements and unexpected twists. 

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Inspired by personal (dis)connections and intrahuman experience, her work is characterized by a deep intellectual curiosity and a desire to challenge both conventions and modern values.


Through her work, she follows an experimental and self-referential approach drawing on a diverse range of fields including humanities, applied- and performing arts. By exploring connections between seemingly disparate fields, she infuses her work with a sense of the unexpected and a touch of absurdism in order to invite to introspect and examine fundamental questions related to human existence and social issue experiences.


Her expressive journey has been significantly shaped by her past and current professional experiences in technology and multimedia, as well as her academic background in Philosophy and Drama.

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